Strömsbergs café

Strömsberg´s fine summer café

OPEN Weekends 11 am-4 pm

and every day from June 13 at. 11:00 to 16:00

It has been a cafe here for many years and now it is my turn to push it forward. In this cozy café, I and my fine staff serve light lunches in the form of baked potatoes, salads, savory sandwiches, luxurious shrimp sandwiches, and more.

It is also served lots of tasty fig bread of course, both homemade and bought. My luxury biscuits available in two variants have already become widely known and are very popular, but of course, there is plenty of other good to choose from. For example, homemade dumpling cake, Märtakaka which is a dumpling/brownie with tough beef/cookie and it has been named after one of my employees who loves this cake. Carrot cake, cheesecake, buns and cookies, and much more tasty.

There is also some vegan/vegetarian as well as gluten and salmon free. Everything so you can get what you want when you have your coffee with us. There is also a beautiful outdoor dining area where you can enjoy your coffee right on the water!

If you want, you can also bring your cup of coffee to enjoy in the grass, at the bath or in any other beautiful place!

Hope to see you this summer!


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