Lingnåre culture reserve

The cultural landscape at Lingnåre is from Viking times and older medieval times. Traces of housing, cultivation and burial sites after the people who lived here have been preserved.

The fields and meadows in the eastern part of the reserve during the Viking Age were a shallow sea bay. Through extensive clearing and harvesting of young forest you can today look out over open fields grazed by cows.

In the ancient cultural grounds, the flora is rich and varied. There are also many types of butterflies, many of which are unusual. In the meadow meadows, the meadow cutter, which is the host plant for the unusual meadow cutter, grows. By mowing the meadow late every year, important environments are created for many plants and butterflies.

Places worth a visit

Upplandsstiftelsen, together with the municipalities in Uppsala County, is working on developing the crumbling places in nature. There are places to visit in nature that are to hold a high class. They should be easy to find and they should be worth seeing.

The underlying purpose is to attract those who do not normally get out of the street lamp, which is important for future appreciation of the nature's values

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